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    Established in 2010, Shanghai Zucheng now is one of top 10 manufactures in access control and time attendance industries in China. As an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, the company is committed to keeping pace with the revolutions in the access control and time attendance industries.

    With around 20% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new products, Zucheng got a great success in last few years. In 2017, Zucheng launched its first biometric glass door lock which is also the first product in this area in China. As it is very easy for installation, this product is quickly accepted by China consumers. Zucheng’s Brand ZUCON has ranked into the top 3 in access control industry in China.

    Since 2018, Zucheng R & D team focus on wireless access control product research and design considering the traditional access control has hard wired or hard drilled applications. We launched our new wireless access control products to market April 2019 and also got very good feed back from consumers. We believe that we will start a new era with the combined efforts of all our team members.......more
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  • TEL:021-64784155 FAX:021-64784160
    E-mail:zucheng_sh@126.com Add:Shanghai, Songjiang District, Jiuting Street, Lane 851, No. 28 Zip:201615
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